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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A New Pest in the Tomatoes

Hello everyone out there. I have been very negligent in posting on this blog. The garden is still doing OK. A little bit dry right now because of the lack of rain, but still going somewhat strong.

I wanted to post about a garden pest I though I had luckily avoided, but however, I was wrong. I noticed that some of my Better Boy Tomatoes have been feeling the heat the past few days. I have kept a close eye on them and tried to water them when I could (i.e. if the kids would let me). Last night as I was doing my inspection, I noticed that one of the plants had lost several leaves. This was not too uncommon, with the dry conditions, but this was different. The leaves were missing, not wilted. I knew something was attacking my tomatoes.

Enter the Tomato Hornworm, Manduca Quinquemaculata.

 I noticed this guy when I was looking over my plants. Because I am trying to grow all my plants without any chemical aids, the best way to control these guys is to remove them and squish them. That is where Abby came in. She loved it when she got to squish the "green snake." She ran back inside and think scared Jocelyn because she was loudly proclaiming that she killed a green snake.

Either way, if you notice several leaves gone in one day, quickly inspect your tomatoes and pluck these guys. They are voracious eaters and can destroy a plant in a day.