Fordhook Zucchini

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Garden Update - July 27, 2011

Well hello out there to everyone interested in the garden. Here is a quick update on where we are in regards to it. (I promise, I took the pictures the other night and I will update this with pictures tonight.)

Better Boy Tomatoes are still producing. However, with the heat some of the tomatoes are rather small. They still taste good though. I think I will be getting tomatoes from them until the first frost. (Wow, it is a long time between now and October). I have purchased canning supplies so we will be able to save some of these, even if it is just one pint at a time.

Rutger Tomatoes are still growing. They have produced several flowers and I am expecting any day to see small green tomatoes on them. I am actually glad these guys continue to grow, although slowly. I have supplemented the soil around them with compost and fresh grass clippings to aid in their growth.

Cherry Tomato - The Ferry Morse Large Fruited Cherry tomato plant is doing well and has 4 small green tomatoes on it. These tomatoes are supposed to grow to about 1"-2" in diameter. Perfect for a snack or in a salad. I am looking forward to these guys. The Bonnie Plant Hearty Cherry is also growing well and has put out its first "string" of tomatoes. I am looking forward to those as well.

Bradley Tomato - These are the three in the back. One of the three is putting flowers out. Abby helped me water them some last night and it was really cute. I hope these do really well because these will be the first ones that I am going to save the seeds for next year. I am really anxious for these to produce. I am thinking about halfway through August I will start to have these.

Mystery Tomato (?) - The small tomato plant I bought at Walmart for $0.50. Is doing well and has several small flower buds on it. I am interested to see what type of tomato this is. The plant card only said tomato and that it was grown at a nursery for Walmart in Alabama. Needless to say, this will just add more to the tomato pile.

Clemson Okra - I have now gotten three okra off the plants I have. They are blossoming and producing more little okra everyday. Soon we will have lots of okra and I will have to pickle some. Probably looking at next weekend on this or maybe the weekend after.

Marketmore Cucumbers - These little guys are starting to grow. I have several flowers and several small cucumbers but none that are growing yet. May be a few more days until I see some of these guys. I did make the mistake on these guys by not staking them. Need to make sure I don't do that in the future.

Isaac's Pumpkin - The pumpkin is growing slowly. I think tonight I am going to mulch it with some compost to get it some more nutrients. I did however, notice that it has two flowers on it. Hopefully, it will grow a little more and start setting some female flowers.

Overall, I would say that the garden has been a success this year and has produced much more than my little plot did last year. I am learning quite a bit and remembering even more from when I was younger. I plan on in the coming weeks beginning the prepping of plots for next year's garden which will be even larger than this year's. It is rather neat to see what God's creation can do with the proper nurturing.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Garden Update

Well since it has been awhile since I have updated this. I am assuming at least some of the four people that follow this blog would be interested in knowing how the garden is doing. Well, I guess first off we should highlight some subtractions.

The Fordhook Zucchini's have ran their course and were decimated by the vine borers and aphids. Of the five plants I started with, I am only down to the one small one that never did anything. It is starting to grow and has shot up several flower buds. Maybe here in the near future I will have some more zucchini from this one.

In the meantime, the Grey Zucchini are really starting to grow and do well. I hope to start getting some zucchini off them in the near future. I have three of those.

The Better Boy Tomatoes are doing great! I have to invest in some jars this week so we can start canning them. I have already lost 1 tomato because we had more than I could eat. Don't want to lose anymore. They look like they are going to be producing pretty steady for the rest of the year. I have about 10 pounds of tomatoes right now in process (they are still green and growing) and there are more added everyday. The plants themselves are about 5 feet tall and I am having to tie up new branches about every other day off them. We ought to be doing pretty well on tomatoes.

Speaking of tomatoes, I do have 3 other types that are also doing well. I should start getting Cherry tomatoes here soon. I have 1 tomato right now that is on the vine with several flower buds going on them. I have been pruning them in recent weeks to encourage some more height growth before they start putting out tomatoes. I will have to stake these before too long and then there will be more tomatoes I have to can.

The Rutgers that Isaac picked out are also about three weeks away from setting tomatoes. They too, have been blooming but I have been pruning them as well to encourage growth. I will be staking them before too long and then there will be even more tomatoes.

The Bradley tomatoes, the ones I jokingly refer to as the Back 40 Tomatoes, are also doing well. Two of the three are doing better than the small one. I have also had to prune these guys to promote growth. Hopefully by late August, early September, these will be doing well.

We are about to start in on Okra. All of the okra plants are putting our flowers and small pods. I will probably harvest my first okra tonight. But I am assuming here in about week I will be pickling okra as well.

Surprisingly I have 2 garlic plants going. I noticed this the other day when I was looking at the Grey Zucchinis. The stalks are about 6 inches tall I don't think these guys will do very well since I planted them at the wrong time but it is neat to know that you can buy garlic from the store, use what you need, than plant the rest. Who knows, next year I may never have to buy garlic again.

Anyway, garden is doing well and I am planning a large expansion for next year.


Monday, July 11, 2011

Grey Zucchini Update

July 11, 2011 -

I planted the three seedlings this weekend in one of the small 40" x 40" beds. I refined the soil with plenty of composted material and then worked in to a loose consistency. The fourth seedling never popped up. So I have a 75% germination rate on those.

They have been in their bed since Friday and are doing well. We had some rain here recently that really helped them out.

Hopefully we will start getting some zucchini off these guys in a few weeks, because my largest producer of the Fordhook Zucchini will be pulled today or tomorrow. The worms got it. I know it is sad but I still have some more to go before the all get pulled and it will also make room for my herbs that are going to need some space.


Carrot Update - July 11, 2011

July 11th Update -

We have been pretty busy about the house with everything except the update of the garden and this blog. Just wanted to give a quick update on the carrots ... there is no update. The seedlings popped up and quickly died.

I have on my calender to plant some more carrot seeds this week. I think what I am going to do is prepare a little better plot using compost to make sure that the seeds take. I also will start this planting in my special biodegradable planting pots (i.e. toilet paper rolls) and then transfer them when they have a good foothold. I have read that carrots don't transplant well but we will have to see since I will be just putting the whole thing in the ground.

Joe Delk