Fordhook Zucchini

Saturday, January 28, 2012


January 28, 2012 -

I started my spring vegetables already and have included two types of cabbage. I am planting Copenhagen Early Market and Ferry's Round Dutch. I do not have much of a history on these yet, but when I get it I will include it here.

I started these guys about 12 weeks before my average last frost utilizing some re-purposed toilet paper rolls. So far, these have worked great. All the seeds have sprouted except one of the Ferry's Round Dutch (I accidentally knocked this one over and had to replant). The kids are really liking this one and hopefully it will give us some good cabbage heads to prepare. I have 6 of each type going. Because I can space it out, I will probably do a second planting of these for the spring as well. Hopefully I will have some pictures to attach tomorrow.

Broccoli - Green Goliath

January 28, 2012 -

Earlier this month, I started my spring vegetables. Among these were Green Goliath Broccoli. Last year, Abby really enjoyed the Packman Broccoli we planted from Bonnie Plants. This year I plan on expanding. I had some seeds of this variety from 2007 and some from 2011 that I did not plant. I started both of these lots this year using my re-purposed toilet paper rolls. (More pictures on that to follow.)

I planted these a little over a week ago. To my amazement, I have sprouts from the all the 2007 seeds. Only 1 so far of the 2011 lot has sprouted. The average last frost in my area is the first week of April. I started these guys indoors 12 weeks before this date. The kids are very excited about the little seedlings popping up. With luck I can put these guys out the first week of March and enjoy some tasty broccoli.

I am also planning on trying some De Cicco Broccoli also this year. I will start those seeds next week.

Keep posting.

January 28, 2012 - Garlic Update

January 28, 2012 -

This morning I noticed that the garlic that we planted early this month is sprouting up. If these do well, we will have 18 garlic bulbs by fall. I am shocked that these came up so fast, but there they were this morning with little green shoots poking through the ground.

It appeared that most of the 12 gloves we planted were all popping up but I will have to check tomorrow. I plan on putting pictures up of the garlic we I check them tomorrow.

It is kind of amazing though to see the price of garlic in the stores. It was $3 a bulb last I checked. I caught some bulbs on sale for $0.99 and planted them, now I will have approximately $54 worth of garlic.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012 is here! Time to start planning

Just a small update. There will be more garlic for the Delks this coming year. I planted 12 more garlic cloves on Sunday (1/8/2012). This was in addition to the 6 that are still happily growing despite the winter weather. These add ons are supposed to pop up in the spring, so we will see what happens. It is neat though that this grew from store bought garlic.

I will be doing another post soon on my spring early vegetables I plan on putting out. Stay posted. 2012 looks like a bigger year.