Fordhook Zucchini

Friday, May 27, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend Plans

Hello Everyone out there.

Here is an update on the garden and what to expect this weekend. I am going to finish out the last of the beds this weekend so everything should be set. The plan is that we will build three more 4x4 beds to house peppers, squash, another type of tomato, and Isaac's pumpkins. I also will be building a small bed for an herb plot which I will be filling with basil, cilantro, dill, and some chives. Should be a pretty filled weekend.

Hopefully, there will not be any storms.

Everything continues to grow. I just wish the okra would grow a bit faster. I have re-seeded several plants and hope to squeeze them in before fall gets here.

Well hope to add some pictures tomorrow of our progress.

Joe Delk

Monday, May 23, 2011

Long Time - No Update

Hello everyone out there. Here is the latest update from the garden. Pictures will follow tonight.

We have had another tragedy in the garden and it is no one's fault but mine. I left to go on vacation and we had a heat wave here in Ringgold while I was gone. The casualties were severe in the garden. A list of them is below:

8 Poinsett Cucumbers
1 Cherry Tomato Plant
6 Silver Queen Corn Plants - Not dead but look terrible
1 Sumter Cucumber Plant
All of the Midnight in Moscow seedlings
Isaac's Pumpkins
The Squash that was still in cups
The Better Boy Tomatoes that were still in cups

It was hard to see this but I blame myself. Luckily, thanks to Bonnie Plants, we have replaced most of the damage and have added a few more. I must say if I have learned one thing from all of this, planting from seeds is cheaper but a lot harder.

The Better Boy Tomatoes are still doing good. One of them now has a stake to hold it up. I will probably replace the stake with a string trellis this weekend. I have already had to prune back the blooms on all the plants twice already and one them three times. I think this will be the last though because I want them to get some height before they start to fruit.

The Fordhook Zucchinis are doing well with the exception of one plant (it is still small). I did find last night that there were three female flowers on it now and that is a good thing because that means three zucchinis will be ready for harvest next week.

Zucchinis Growing !

Clemson Okra is still growing but it is painfully slow. I planted three Bonnie Plant ones a few nights ago to help fill in the gap.

Bonnie is in the center of the ones I started

The beans plants are going well, however, half of the seeds failed to germinate. I will also have to build a trellis for them as well. The Silver Queen Corn is still alive but will probably have to be replaced. I will try and sow some more of those tonight or tomorrow.

Beans and Corn!

I planted 6 Straight Eight cucumber plants yesterday to replace the 8 Poinsetts that were lost and hopefully they will do well.

The Straight 8's with the wilted Poinsetts

A side note, my first attempt at growing roses has been well. We have already had 2 beautiful rose blooms and are working on the third and fourth ones. I will have to get pictures of those. The two marigold plants are doing wonderful but are started to get crowded out by the zucchinis. The Zinnia plants are also doing well.

Sunbright Rose Bloom

Marigold Growing

Jocelyn's 1st Zucchini - It's a baby