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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


February 15, 2012 -

I am going to try onions this year. Not sure if I will break down and do sets later but right now I am going to try growing from seeds. I have never done this. When I was younger, my Dad would buy sets and we would put them out in a row and watch them grow. However, we did not have much luck because of the clay ground we had.

I am going to try three varieties this year. I may try four but we will have to see. The three varieties are: Sweet Spanish Utah Jumbo (a yellow), Southport White Globe (a white) and Red Burgundy (a red). I have planted the Sweet Spanish Utah Jumbo and the Southport White Globe. I will probably plant the Red Burgundy this weekend if I have time. I started these indoors in egg cartons. When they get a little bigger, I will move them out to the garden as sets. I will probably plant these with the cabbage I am working on to keep down pests.

The Sweet Spanish Utah was the first to germinate. I have some small green shoots showing up. Germination time was supposed to be 10-12 days, but it looks like they are a little early. These seeds were planted last week on will hopefully yield some onions around the beginning of June. We will have to see, like I said this is the first time I have planted these. Since this is the first year I have tried them, I am just doing 12.

The Southport White Globe has not sprouted yet. I have also planted 12 of these. Waiting for the first shoots to pop up but nothing on them yet. These also should start yielding around June.

The Red Burgundy I will plant 12 of these also. I may do some more of the yellow and red since I am not a big fan of the white.

Anyway I will keep you posted.

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