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Friday, March 2, 2012

Update on the Delk Garden

March 2, 2012 -

My blog dashboard tells me that it has been two weeks since I last update this. is an update.

Tragedy Strikes The Seedlings! I think I use that word too much. Well we all know we have had a very unseasonable winter. I like it but the seeds for most spring vegetables don't. I had a couple of varieties of cabbage and broccoli going but they just never seemed to develop. I also had some cauliflower going as well but it also seemed to have trouble flourishing. I think the reason was two-fold: (1) Poor nutrition in the seed starting soil I had and (2) it was just too warm. From what I read last year, the Cole family likes to have weather around 55-65 degrees to germinate. We just have not had that in the house or outside and because of that my seedlings bolted. Well needless to say, I chunked them into the compost pile last night. I have bought two varieties of Broccoli from Bonnie Plants that I will do and one variety of cabbage. These are Premium Crop and Packman for the Broccoli and Flat Dutch for the cabbage.

Tulips are still working their way up. I think just about every bulb came up that we planted in the fall.

Garlic is doing well. Hopefully it will continue to grow and I will have some garlic for the fall.

Got 8 of the beds functioning and ready for plenty of plants. Still got two that I need to fill and get ready. I also have enough material for at least one more with my re-purposed lumber.

I plan on this weekend starting my tomato plants indoors with the help of my empty toilet paper rollers.

Keep growing.

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